blurry_static (blurry_static) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

dreads for sale.

**I understand that most people in here dont like fake hair, but i am despirate to get money right now... If not interested, please just ignore**

i need extra cash to help pay to fix my car/ put it away for apartment.

***1st one to get rainbow or yellow/green get the free fringe :)***

24 single ended dreads per fall. amazing rainbow colors.
55 + Shipping

30 single and double ended dreads per fall.
55 + Shipping

32 dreads per fall, double ended (16 each) platinum blonde/pink/purple/black curly falls.
60 + shipping

38 dreads per fall. all double ended. scrap short curly baby dreads. brown/burgundy/blonde
25 + Shipping i just want them gone...

over 100 dreads make up this wig. it is beautiful, really. black/purple/blue.
100 + Shipping
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