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naive questions from a newbie!

hi, i've been lurking for ages & just finally joined. 2 questions...

1. does anyone start dreads by putting their hair in tiny braids and just letting it go? I don't have dreads but I've done extension braids before (I have whitegrrl straight hair) and it starts to get dready at the roots after they've been in a while. So I was thinking about just braiding it up and letting it go.

Then I saw Ani DiFranco onstage and it looks like maybe that's how she did hers? They have a kinda braidy textured look in places... Anyway I love how hers look.

2. has anyone here who's white gotten negative feedback from black people re: their dreads? I have only ever had positive response to my braids but I'm leery of upsetting actual Rastas or African-Americans whose dreads are religiously significant to them. Maybe I am too paranoid...

Anyway you are a beautiful bunch of people and I look forward to learning more from this group!
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