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Dread Maintenance Rocks!

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This week soulhaus was up here in the bay area and I had my first dread maintenance session with her and I'm so completely thrilled with the results that I have to shout it out from the rooftop! She worked some serious mojo with a needle and crochet hook.

My baby dreadies feel so tight and wooly and yummy! I feel almost like I have a new set of dreads only better because they're my same comfortable set o' babies. Kudos to Kimby!

Dreads are at 3 months/ 3 weeks, and as you can see, now quite purple. (Loved the previous hot pink, in theory, but it wasn't really me, being the dark freak that I am.)

Were any of you here at Power to the Peaceful fest in Golden Gate park yesterday? I saw so many beautiful heads of dreads there. I saw some very beautiful long nappy phatty dreads that looked like they'd been around for many a year and felt really inspired by the beauty. (But only managed to get photos of my kid, sorry folx.)

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