Clare (corchen) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

The results of my first foray into dreading. . .

Today - most of today in fact - I dreaded my neightbour (and best friend)'s hair, which was fun, if hard on the fingers. She's going to be doing mine as well, but hers needed to be done in one go for work - shes works in a hospital theater. Hair was washed first with Dread Head dread soap, and then back-combed as tight as I could get them. I know this comm isn't too fond of the old wax, but I did succumb and use a tiny bit to finish them off - maybe as much as a split lentil's worth per dread, if that.

First three done here - you can see the sectioning, and it's a clearer picture of how tight I managed to get them - I was pretty pleased. (Of course, no-one can be expected to do something like this without the aid of copious amounts of booze - my mother was making alcoholic smoothies at this point.) We did have to name the first one, of course. And he is Dennis. Don't ask me why.

All finished! Still sticking straight out at the moment, but they're good and tight at the roots - I spent more time on that than the rest, I think - so hopefully they'll settle down in a bit.

And all done, and tied back! I don't think the scalp shows too much, so I guess I did a pretty good job of sectioning - just tried to keep them a pretty even size, although some sections of hair just wanted to be bigger, and tried not to have too many straight lines anywhere. One happy new head of dreads.

All in all, I'm pretty smug. If she can do as good a job on mine, I think I'll be off to a pretty good start in a new life with dreads!
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