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It's been two months...

It's been two months since I last brushed my hair. I've posted pictures of my 'work in progress' a month and two months ago (http://community.livejournal.com/get_up_dread_up/3172953.html and http://community.livejournal.com/get_up_dread_up/3109203.html, respectively). And here's my latest update :)

I guess some of you are a bit tired of posts with pictures of hair that doesn't actually look like dreads, but there are few reasons why I feel I should post my pictures anyway. First, the pictures might help other people who are thinking about dreading their hair naturally. Second, if I manage to post every month for a year or a year and a half, it will prove that all hair (since I've been told that all other hair types than mine dread even faster) will dread eventually if you stop brushing it.

Yeah, I know. I'm the kind of girl that you just have to like. Right? :)
...although I look a bit tough on this picture. Believe me, I'm not.

This is the back of my head.
The following pictures are mostly a proof that I can't take pictures of the back of my head. At all.

Underneath the neat top layer, many scary things are hiding... mostly dready bits (still learning to love my loops though).
I don't even know what part of my head this is. But yeah.

My lovely tips. One of my friends calls them čufki, loosely translated as 'chunkies' :)

To end in a grand style, another photo-turned bad. You know you enjoy them.

I'm enjoying the dread journey just as much as I did the first two months. Since my last post, the school began and my hair surprised quite a few of my classmates. Dreads aren't common in Slovenia and people that have them are considered either really artsy or, well, stoners. I don't really fit into any of those stereotypes, therefore my classmates had all these highly intelligent comments like 'did you wash your hair? cause it's straighter than last week... oh, it's logical then - you're not supposed to wash it', 'what did you do to your hair? it's gross' and the straight-forward 'go brush your hair'. Yup, I love them.

Regards from Slovenia,

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