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Goes well with chocolate & peanut butter.

The longer I have dreads (yah, I know, it's only been about 2 weeks), the more I realize that to have dreads, one must be very sure of oneself.

Going around in public after not having put a brush to your hair for 2 weeks causes people to look at you. I don't get as many weird looks as I did when I went out to the sushi place in Rhode Island the night my mom did them. Probably because dreads in Vermont are a common thing. Dreads in the middle of yuppy Rhode Island are VERY uncommon. But still........my dreads are in their infancy and my hair looks like I just got up, every minute of the day, so I'm bound to have a few people look at me kinda weird every now and then. Especially people that have known me the whole time I've lived here.

I've found this to be a journey.....every day, every week and I've heard that every month, dreads change and in a way, I change. I've always felt that I didn't really care what other people thought of me. That what you see is what you get. I'm finding, though, that I've questioned that, in a way. And in finding my answer to my questioning, I'm finding myself stronger and more sure of myself. That truly, what you see IS what you get.....and I'm staying true to that, even in the midst of change. I'm realizing that I'm turning more into ME than I was before.

You can view larger views here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/67673840@N00/

And yet another pic at the top of my blog here: http://www.stampinmama.typepad.com

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