girl0hclock (girl0hclock) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

this may be the stupidest question ever, but im dreading up just as soon as i grow my layers out a little more and i was just wondering if its a really bad idea to start my dreads after a day of washing, with product in it. I have curly hair, and i tried dreading a few strands of my hair before and found that its alot easier when my hair has product in it than when it doesnt. the only thing im worried about when dreading up is mold and lice in the dreads, which i reeeaaly dont want. im not thinking of keeping them for years either, maybe a few months to 3/4 of a year. we'll see. but for now, i just wanted to know if dreading my hair with product will cause it to explode with gross mold or not! 
thanks so much in advance :):)
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