a_dreadful_girl (a_dreadful_girl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


Some blue bits, my loose bangs and my feather.

More blue bits, my Virgin Mary de Gaudalupe milagro, my rainbow wrap (a hit with everyone) and my bone bead.

dreads 'n cat! (my shirt says 'zombie food', if you were wondering.)

Permanent markers + boring study hall = awesome.

this is my second set; they're two months old and made with the rip and twist method....the first set was made with backcombing. I like this method (rip and twist) better, 'cause A lot of dreads in the back of my head, at the nape of my neck, have started getting really curly and twisty, like my hair is when it wasn't dreaded, which I think is awesome. Curly-wavey-twisty dreads are bitchin'!

And just so you know....you all have got to be the most gorgeous bunch of people on the face of the planet.
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