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so even though i didnt go to homecoming, i still got dressed up with my boyfriend.
i only took like one picture. crazy ass night.

and before.

oh oh. i got my nose peirced. lol. still deciding if i should keep it.

haha ew i hate that picture but i think its funny.
&& my asian friend doesnt really look that gross in life. haha.

heres a radom picture i took that i like. haha.

i need new lj friends.
any takers?


today i decided to brush out my dreads.
im going to tomorrow. but im coming back. i just
want my hair to be longer and im going to dread it agian
when its past my shoulders.

this is what im going back to.

gr. i miss my old hair.
but i know im going to miss them so much.
and uhm....im probably gonna cry while brushing them out. lol
ah...:( but yeah. ill be back soon kids. <3
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