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They're done!

Last Wednesday after I moved into my new house, I finally got dreaded (I just got around to posting it now because we didn't have the internet here until yesterday :P). Anyway, I am most delighted with them and most grateful to adrunkwithclass who spent 6 hours torturing my head. Yeah, it really really hurt.




After (eeee matching hair!)

They've been ok this past week, a little itchy at times but mostly if I ignore that it goes away. I haven't washed them yet because they're kind of fluffy and I know you have to wait a while. I had fine, prettymuch dead straight hair beforehand and I'm a bit scared they'll unravel when I wash them, however I have some old tights at the ready and our shower is pretty weak soooo... here's hoping it will go ok when I take the plunge (no pun intended :P).

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