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an observation about visible oiliness

one thing that i was worried about when i was first contemplating dreads was that i wouldn't be able to wash my hair as often. my hair is the type that needs to be washed every day or it gets super-oily; if i miss only one day it is noticeably greasy.

i've had my dreads in for nine days now, and haven't washed them yet (i was told by a few different people to leave it as long as possible before washing for the first time). yet, my hair doesn't really appear oily at all! this is excellent. i always hated that i had to wash my hair every day, because it seemed like such a chore and a waste of shampoo, water (extra showering time), etc. now, once my dreads are settled in, i'll only be washing them maybe once or twice a week!

this just keeps getting better and better :)
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