A Hamster Grrl (miss_cunt) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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A question about my hair lenght!

Here's the problem. I've been contemplating dreads for about, ohh, 2 and a half maybe 3 years but I've loved them since I was a little kid. I allways plan on doing them but then I cut my hair.
Well Finnally my hair started to get a tad long and then... I got it cut. :( I know you can start dreads rather short but I want to know if I start mine rather soon would they look like anything or just mini nappies. :/ I have a picture of what my hair looks like right now in my journal user info so if any of you lovely nice people would go and look at it(because im kinda lazy tonight) and tell me what you think I should do I would appreciate it so so much!
Thanks for any help in adavnce.
Peace and Unity
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