The Imitation of Perfection (crackur) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
The Imitation of Perfection

people who preach on dreads

I've been in this community a hell of a long time. I comment only to compliment someones dreads or give advice that I have learned through experience.

But the reason I am making this entry is because of a recent entr I replied too......I love dreads and especially mine. If they are anyone out there that doesn't like my opinion or advice please block me because I'd rather not waste my time on trying to help if your not going to listen or start an argument because you think I'm wrong. WHY would I tell you something if it was wrong!?@? I mean any person with common sense will tell you that if you have lived with dreads you become them. I'm not saying I know everything about them but I sure in the hell know more than some in this community give or take one or 2 of the older dread heads. So if you want advice then listen to don't have to take it.....and if your not the one asking for advice........don't bitch about others who give it. I'm not a person you want to get mad.....and I hate to have to prove that to you .....

but other then that have a happy dread day and come see me again!
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