not some invisible world (itcomesinpints) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
not some invisible world

Tying up (baby) dreads

My dreads are just under 3 weeks old anad I've found I like to tie them up by twisting them together at the back then clipping them onto my head (kind of like this but with dreads and a whole lot shorter :P). They're only about 6 inches long so not all of them even go into the clip but I wanted to know if it will make them dread more slowly... I'm suspecting the answer will be yes because if they're held onto my head then they can't move around?

I get bored of wearing them down or with a buff all the time, does anyone have any other ideas of anything I could do to them to add a bit more variation? (And before you say it, while I would love to go and buy lots of funky hats, my student budget won't allow it :P).

Thanks =)
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