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Hi. I had dreads over a year ago..or, I tried to, anyway. I fucked around with them too much and they got really bad-looking so I ended up getting irritated and I cut them off.
Anyway, I've been growing out my hair since then, and my plan has been to re-dread once my hair gets to be around shoulder-length. However, I'm getting really impatient b/c I hate having brushable hair and I really miss having dreads.

This is what my hair looks like now:

I plan on using a color stripper to take out the black (hopefully) and perhaps dye it closer to my original color, if possible, before dreading it. Here's my questions:

*When I had dreads before, this is what they looked like at their worst:
Nasty. I think a lot of this was my fault - I was way too concerned with loose hairs and things, so I tucked in hairs almost daily with yarn needles and crocheting hooks and things, trying to make them neater. But I was wondering if anyone knew if some of the bumpiness may have been caused by not backcombing well enough to begin with. If so, how do you make sure to backcomb really really well when starting dreads?

*Secondly, my hair is pretty short now, as you can see. How many people have started dreads in short hair, like mine, and have had good results?

I feel like it would be a better idea to wait a few more months until my hair is longer, but I really just don't want to. And I've read that a lot of you all advocate starting dreads when you feel the time is right..

Thank you for you help.
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