lellophant (lellophant) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

yet another update. five weeks old.

I can't get over how much my dreads change week to week. I think I shall behave and maintain them a bit every day to prevent them from getting droopy; as opposed to fondling them once a week after they start to kind get flat and stuff. By maintain I just mean I rub them alot every which way...which tends to get them nice and knotted. Here are some pictures:

I would like to share the story of my nose piercings with you. I had my nostril pierced last year. In March I had my septum pierced, but it was crooked and through the cartilege. Since the two types of jewelry would fight(one would push the other out of my nose)I removed the septum piercing because it was crooked. Later on in August I decided to get my septum pierced because I missed it, and I retired my nostril piercing so the two types of jewelry wouldn't conflict. Alas, my face doesn't seem the same without my nostril piercing so I had it re-done today. It was pierced in such a way that the two piercings can live in harmony. Hurray. Thanks for stopping by, lovely ladies and gentlemen.
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