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This Will Not Help

rootsnatty: (Link: http://www.livejournal.com/community/get_up_dread_up/328831.html?view=2246271#t2246271)
rootsnatty: straight heads defending their insta-dread methods.
mnkyby: you use insta dreads dont' ya
rootsnatty: lol
mnkyby: jameridreads!
rootsnatty: you know. I know straight haired people who have dreads the old fashion way
mnkyby: I have no doubt
mnkyby: mine would naturally go
rootsnatty: psalm's dreaded. I never thought he would ever dread
rootsnatty: he's is straight as his moms.
rootsnatty: so no combing does work
mnkyby: dip your head in honey, twist, leave. how tough can it be?
mnkyby: ;-)
rootsnatty: and he had wet hair, and all that jazz reason the insta-dreads give
rootsnatty: lol
rootsnatty: i think braids would make it happen faster
rootsnatty: but, once again. no combs
rootsnatty: just time, passing
rootsnatty: these folks are trying to cut the process down to hours instead of months........... but during those months something happens to you
rootsnatty: something changes inside you, the way you think and feel
mnkyby: I wouldnb;'t know
rootsnatty: you learn patience, trust and distrust
rootsnatty: you get prepared for the looks
rootsnatty: and for the shine
mnkyby: and how everyone tries to put a djembe in your hand
rootsnatty: LOL, asshell. you are crazy......
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