my lj name is not pick leg, its pickle g.... (pickleg) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
my lj name is not pick leg, its pickle g....

ok here is my problem for letting your hair dread naturaly. as it appears youd think i have good hair for natural dreading. is really shaggy and messy and curly. well i go months at a time without brushing my hair (i do run my fingers threw it, but mainly i just pat it down). i get up and shower and then shake my hair to get the extra water out. months of doing that and not one tangle. i went without the shaking of the hair for weeks all it did was make my hair look really bad, but with no tangles. my hair is only about 5 inches. but heres the deal, if you want to dread it naturaly then i dont see how you can do it till your hair is really long. plus here is the other thing. everyones all uptight about natural dreads, well first off to do it the way everyone calls natural id have to walk around with nasty hair for while before it even started to look like dreads. not exactly something i want to do. second. whats so unnatural about backcombing and useing wax? wax is natural, and backcomging is chemical free. just some thoughts.
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