Jesse (fetuscakemix) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Been a while since I've posted to this community.

If anybody remembers me, updated pictures of my dreads.

Before my 2nd bleaching.

After my 2nd bleaching..

Way back in the early days.

Anyway. I just had a couple questions regarding shampoo and dye.

I used to have some of the DreadHeadHQ Dread shampoo, but I've since run out, and I'm not in a position to order anymore off their website. So I did some looking around and I found some Neutragena Anti Residue shampoo. Would this be alright to wash my dreads with?

And lastly, I want to dye some of my bleached dreads to bright red. Can anybody provide some links to the best dye for dreads, and maybe a how to, if it's difficult?

Thanks in advance.
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