sticksta (sticksta) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

buh bye

Ok so it's my dreadlocks 6 month birthday today. It's sad though because i've decided i miss my normal hair too much. I'm going to try and bruch them out this weekend. Hopefully with the help of my fiancee. I love my dreads so much, but at the same time i hate them. I need change yet again, and seeing as i can't dye or shave my head in an unusual way like i'd love to (damn job) i think i want rid of the dreads. I feel quite sad actually, but i'll hopefully get the jist of making synth ones and wear them occasionally.

Any tips on brushing out dreads? Mine are quite solid and very dreaded up. A lot of my hair falls out when i brush them out too. :S i'm a bit worried about that because i have thin hair as it is. I plan to dye it dark brown again after i've brushed them out because otherwise it'll be patchy where i dyed it with dreads in. I'll also need to trim it because i cut my dreads at all uneven lengths.

So yeah, goodbye dreads on saturday, if i can bring myself to do it! Anyone able to recommend any deep conditioning products that might help?

All that's left to say is thanks guys, you've been great help and inspiration! :) I'll still lurk and look at your loverly locks if thats ok.

*love* xxx
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