Mitzy Brook (lukewarm) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Mitzy Brook

So the job didn’t work out….now I am really thinking that I should go back to school and hopefully decide which path (artistically) to take after the rest of my core classes are out of the way. The whole idea about going back to school is that it will also give me time to allow my hair to mature. My only worry is that my hair will itch like it did when I had them in for that short amount of time. I have read the memories..i went and bought t-gel but my head itched sooo bad that I was miserable. If I can find someway to avoid that misery or at least calming it down a bit then I will be fine. The thought of the itching coming back makes me hold off a bit. I am not sure if its because I washed my hair too much or didn’t rinse well…I religiously watch all of you and your hair mature and become wonderful things of nature and this spot inside of me that wants to join the group…..but that itching………

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