no cars go (ex_birds977) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
no cars go

So I've been thinking about dreads since I was a sophomore in high school, and I'm a sophomore in college. I think the time has come to commit to a set, and I'm thinking about doing this little project in between my November and December breaks.

There are a couple of things, though, that are making me feel kind of silly...

I have some health problems (NOT alopecia) and my hair falls out A LOT. When it grows longer than my chin I feel like you can see major bald spots. I had a mohawk for a while because of this, I'm terrified and very embarassed about it. As a result I keep my hair really short, usually a bit above my chin (but I wear extensions to make it longer, as in my icon).

Now, I'm thinking that over November break I will dread my natural hair to give them a good month to get nubbly and wonderful... and in the meantime I will:

A) Wear a LOT of hats :) and
B) Begin to make myself a set of shoulder-length extenders from human hair (Weaving hair)

Now... this is so silly, but I feel dumb doing this! I want dreads but I don't want to wait two years for my hair to grow down past my shoulders and have to suffer major patchiness and embarassment... is this ridiculous? I mean, I know a MAJOR part of the appeal of dreads is how NATURAL they are... and how natural would it be for me to start my dread journey with extenders after my first 5" of hair?

I dunno... I would feel like I was cheating. Did anybody here do this? Am I crazy or am I right?

In totally unrelated news: I am a costumer at our theater and I did my first set of dreads today-- on a WIG, for a Captain Jack Sparrow costume :) I used twisting and lots of backcombing and they came out really cool, I was very pleased!
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