sticksta (sticksta) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

false alarm

Well you know how i decided to remove my 6 month old came to sitting picking at them with my fingers, undoing the ends. It was too painful (in the emotional sense) I couldn't do it. I only just realised how attached to them I am. They're kinda part of my personality now :)

So many people told me not to give up on them and encouraged me to keep going until i'm fully happy with them until I make any rash decisions.

I love my dreads.

Thank you guys. I'll do a post soon because i havent done one in AGES!


Oh p.s. I'm looking into dreadfalls just for something to jazz my hair up now and again, and i'm also looking into making my own synth dreads.

Can anyone suggest a good dreadfalls site/shop in the UK? Thanks again

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