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Dreads in MD?

I'm hoping someone can help me.

My hair has a habit of locking up on it's own, just from sleeping on it and such. And I've been thinking about getting real dreads for some time now. I want to go ahead with it and get it sectioned and done nicely before my hair turns into one giant clump.

Here's the thing, I don't have a car and can't go very far anyway cause I'm my husband's 24/7 caregiver and he's bed-ridden. So I'm in search of someone in Maryland, USA (northeast MD, about 40-60 min. from Baltimore) who can do dreads on caucasian hair and is willing to come to my house to do it and get me started on the right path with them. I would purchase all the things needed beforehand or pay the person for them, in addition to the work, if they have the items. I am available all the time, always home.

I'm not necessarily looking for a "professional", just someone that can section my hair for me and backcomb the bejeezus out of it. I don't know anyone currently to do that.

If you or someone you know can help, please email me or just post, I check the boards often:
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