Amber (keyofamajor) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Wedding hairdo...

So, it was my brother's wedding yesterday, and after a bit of consideration with what to do with my hair for it, I went out and bought some dried skeleton leaves from a craft shop, and I thought I might post the result if anyone fancies a peek...

I tied the top of my hair back out of the way by grabbing a few dreads near my temples and just knotting them at the back. Then I hooked the leaves onto wire and got my mum to hook them on the bit tied back. But I guess they'd work all over the place too. :-)

I also got horrendously drunk, I'm refraining from posting those pictures for fear of giving people nightmares. Hehe. :D

The dreads are 8 weeks old, btw, and some of them just got a dye job two days ago (the purple ones). And I'm still pleased with them. :-)
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