Marvelous Things (electroblood) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Marvelous Things

Hi I just joined here.
I've been planning for a little over a year to get dreadlocks. I'm waiting until the spring to do so (because i want to wait until a little after I have my baby as i'm due in late January).
I have really damaged ends and my hair constantly knots lately as it is and I really can't wait until I can finally have them. I plan on using knottyboy dreadlock products. . .but if there are cheaper shampoos or any other recommendations you could give me concerning wax or whatever, that would be wonderful. I'll be getting my head done by a few friends and my husband probably at sporatic times and I plan on getting thin locks rather than thicker ones.
Here's my hair for now (34 inches long).

please, i could use all the dreadlocking information necessary so i can have beautiful results!
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