pixie___masque (pixie___masque) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

natural locks

hey, I've post here a couple times a couple of months ago. had locks at the time but i took them out after only two weeks. starting those i knew i wouldn't keep and i knew i would go the natural route. thats what im doing now. ever since i got rid of them, I've seen a ton of people with them and im like "oh, why did i take them out!" i love the way they look i love the way they make me feel. for me they stand for so much. at this point in my life i feel a lot of change coming on. it just feels so right to let my hair do what its been dying to do. i started this process two days ago and i can see already where each dread will be. i know this is going to be an incredable journey and not just with my hair. this post isn't asking for advice or tips or anything like that. i would just love to hear others peoples experiences with going the natural route and what it has done for you. i just feel like a lot of people who are apart of this community are making statements with their hair. whether it be social, personal, spiritual, political, religious, it's beautiful.
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