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i am having some sort of crisis. my locks were nine months old when i had some fit of boredom combined with frustration and cut them to my shoulders, then cut them out. my hair is amazingly healthy for what it's been through my my new haircut is cute, but i just... feel so blank:( my wonderful ropy fuzzy mass is gone, replaced by, i dunno, fluff. i hate having to fix it and wash it and... ugh.

the only reason i haven't dreaded up again already is that i have little chunks of hair all over my head that broke off at an inch or two inside the dreads, and i want to wait for them to grow out so they won't be RIDICULOUSLY thin as my hair is pretty fine already.

i get on here and look at all you guys being gorgeous and i just feel saaaaad.

my hair, of course, does not make me who i am, but that crazy loopy straggly beautiful chaos just seems to make me more me. now i have some sort of yuppy sandra bullock thing going on, apparently. sigh. i just needed to vent. i'm giving myself another two months tops to grow these silly pieces back out, and then it's on.

no pictures of my new head yet but here i am at three and six months respectively.

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