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Goes well with chocolate & peanut butter.

It's been a while since I've done an update on my dreads. It's hard to believe that they'll soon be 3 months old!

Right before we left for Norway in October, my sister and I did some maintanence on my hair. Many of the original dreads that my mom had backcombed had relaxed so much that only the ends were locked up. My sister, Kerri, and I combed most of them out (that was quite the experience). We then redid them with a different method - Twist & Rip.

It was a month and a half ago that we did those and they're coming along really well. I stil have some of the original ones in and they're a bit on the loopy side, where the other ones are rounder. They all have a bit of character to them and I love em all. :)

I've got some fun beads in the back and along the sides. I've taken out most of the beads that were in my hair last month. Actually, some of them fell out as my hair tightened. I was warned that I would have some casualties along the way. It's okay, though. I didn't mind getting some new beads and adding some new hippy bling to my hair. The only thing I'm bummed about is that some of my most favorite beads fell off and I don't know where they went. I suppose I should just take that as a good excuse to put some new ones in. :) The bead that you see at the bottom left of this picture has a sun etched into it. It's groovy, indeed. :) There was only one of them at the bead shop, so I made sure to make it mine. Didn't want him to be all lonely there at the bead shop. He needed a dread-friend. :)

Some of the ones in the back are a little on the loose side, but many of them are locking up quite tight.

I keep them washed every 3 days (if I go more than 3 days, my scalp itches like CRAZY!) and they love the shampoo bar that I got as a sample from DreadFX. it lathers up so nicely and makes my hair smell SUPER nice. The shampoo bar has Hemp seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint, Green Tea, Rosemary and Lemon grass. I make my own soap and was using my Patchouli soap for a while on my hair, but decided I would give this a try when I got it as a free sample. I love it! :)

I've tried talking my Davycakes into letting me dread his hair, since it was down to his shoulders. Nope, he wouldn't let me. Instead, he asked me to cut his hair a little, just to get it off the back of his neck. He wanted it tapered a little bit so that it wasn't cut so straight across the bottom. It made me sad to cut some of it off, as I ADORE his hair, but he lets me do what I want with mine, and he DID grow his out for me....so I gave his hair a little bit of a trim. I just console myself with the fact that his hair grows REALLY quick and it'll grow back again.

Last week, I spent 6 hours dreading a friend's head. I'll make sure to post some pics of that sometime this week. Her hair turned out SO cute! It suits her perfectly!
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