amy edwards (toeknuckles) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
amy edwards

hairy mclairy! and controlling maniacs.

well, this month the oldest of my dreads are 5 months old...the youngest only 2 - i have a lot of hair (when i say a lot of pony tail was average to thick, but each strand of hair was very fine and silky. according to my sister, this made sectioning a right pain in the arse) so we did the back combing in bits. and then, when it was all done, i decided to dread the loose hair i had thought i wanted originally. so, a few weeks later, we dreaded more.

so, i thought i'd post some pics!

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heh...i look really pale in this pic. i blame the flash. funny thing is, it's hot and sunny here, and i've been spending every day in the sun. how can i be that pale???

you can probably dread had a wee accident which resulted in a lot of hair falling out (keep sharp objects away from your dreads!!), but it's recovering ok.

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i'm so digging how they're forming - some loose, some tight, some loops. some days frizz (it was really humid when i took these photos), some days not.
i do pretty much no maintenance on them...i wash them when the mood strikes, and aside from that pretty much let them do their own thing.

annoyingly enough, the fact that i'm letting them be and not crocheting the bastards to death, applying wax or chemicals, or wrapping them all, has caused a "professional" acquaintance of mine to continually offer (force upon me) bad advice, as i "obviously have no idea".
i've been told to perm, use A TEASPOON OF WAX PER DREAD to help them knot, wrap them all entirely in cotton, told to put rubber bands up and down the whole dread, and when it came up that my dreads, as they tightened, were starting to grab each other and congo, she told me that it was obviously because i sectioned my hair into the wrong shape - dreads should ONLY be sectioned in long diamonds...

anyway, my dreads are about my letting go and going with the flow more than i used to. they don't have to be "perfect" to please me...she really doesn't get this, and is astonishingly controlling.
anybody else had this issue with "professionals"?
oh god, tell me i'm not alone! ;-)
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