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First post!

Well I finally decided it was time to post an entry on this cool little community and share my pictures! I'm Marina and I got my locks done this summer for my 21st birthday (many thanks go to Kimberly for doing such a great job with them :) They'll be four months old next week and have already gone through so many stages!
I used to palm them after the beach over the summer but the last few months I haven't been taking care of them as much as I should. They got a little out of control so I found some beads to put in them and they seem to be doing much better.
Well, I'll try to keep the pictures limited on this one, but dreadies look so cool in pictures that I'm always taking pictures of them!

(Edit: I realized I missed a stage of my dreads that I sort of miss now, wearing my cute scarves!)

My 21st birthday

drinking to raise funds for a marathon!

ah, here's a good shot of them :)

event during my summer internship

and this was one of the first times I wore them down without a scarf

not looking quite like dreads here

a little over two months old

this I don't know how to get rid of! any ideas?

I've lost two ends already and I attempted to salvage a couple others, not sure if it will work though:

starting to dress them up

they're a little over three months old here

thanksgiving day 06, all beaded up

I love how dreads hold themselves :)

almost four months old!

one more for the road

I also have an album with pictures of these guys from start to end so feel free to check it out

P.S. Kim, if you have any pics from when you started them up, I'd love to see them!
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