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letting your hair go...

letting your hair go... [these first three photos are from three weeks's hard to see...i'm not so good at taking pictures of my head...mind the face and what such...]

two weeks ago


i don't know what's going on with my hair.
well i do know.

i havent brushed it in about a month and three weeks.
i wash it everyday...
should i?
probably not...
i have approx. twelve dreadies. they're almost completely dreaded.
my girlfriend is so amazed at how my hair is naturally dreading.
my hair isn't very long.
my longest bit is about 6 inches.

i want dreads one day.
but my hair just isnt long enough.

i don't like brushing my hair.
do i have to?
can i just let it go and do its own thing...
i'll make sure i seperate.
and very very slowly help them along?
would they look totally crappy?

if i got dreads now, my hair is so short they'd be so tiny.
and they'd stick up a bit much.
i think it would just look much better longer,
with bangs.

id want to get natural hair extentions too one day.
make them into dreads and attach them.
but i know that its not good to add them onto new dready babies.
so i won't.

i don't know what i'm doing...
suggestions please?

should i just condition and brush these kids out?
and let my hair grow
then do the backcombing method?


<3 steff.

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