Princess Beans (beyonddreams) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Princess Beans

3 months old! Woo!

Some pictures are a little on the big size, sorry if this is a problem.


First set, they went horribly wrong.

They were awful *cringe* not enough back combing and too much wax

Then my boyfriend re-did them.

One week old.

In between one week and a month.

Just over a month.

Two months.

New bangs!

And today, at three months old. The loops and lumps are getting ridiculous, the loops have loops now. :D

There's only one with a rounded tip. It's seeable in the picture above.

Can't wait for them to knot more, they've been knotting a lot more since using the no-poo method. ♥ Still finding it weird going from having really long hair to it shrinking. Not used to it being so short.


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