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geeky and a tiny bit off topic...but maybe not...

I was thinking about someone's post on here probably 3 years ago now about how there are very few actors or actresses with dreadlocks.

I don't know if anyone else watches The Dead Zone (I've convinced myself that 5 people total watch it) but one of the main characters, Bruce, had dreadlocks throughout the first two seasons. He cut them off during the episode "Zion".

As someone who has experienced cutting of dreads that they have had for years this episode was particularily interesting and true to life. The emotion of it was real (okay this probably had to do more with the fact that he was cutting his actual dreads off than anything else), it was clear it was a huge turning point in the character's life and that it was a big decision.

Amazing to see that moment included in the show when he could have just shown up in the next scene with his hair cut and say something like "Yeah, my head was hot." Why I post this though, is because I was watching the commentary on that episode during this part of the episode that it was a very huge thing for the actor who places Bruce, John L. Adams, to cut them as well, so it was important for him that that the moment be shown during the episode when the character would (obviously) be losing his dreads too.
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