unusualdrug (unusualdrug) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Questions on starting dreads with braids.

While checking the memories the other day, I came across a post about using braids to dread up. The idea I got from the post was that you could braid your hair (to the root?) and then new growth will dread. How does this work? Do you have to work with the new growth between the scalp and braid - rub it, attempt to palm roll it? Or does the hair just dread in on its own?

It seems to me that having braids and tying them off at the end would restrict the movement of the new hair coming in, but I guess this isn't an issue? Would it be possible to start dreads with this method without braiding all the way up to the root, maybe a half braid and then let the rest of the hair between braid and scalp go? Or would this not work?

Sorry for all of the questions... I'm just very intrigued by this method.
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