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2 years today!!!

My dreads are two years old today. It's been a really great journey so far, I genuinely feel that dreading my hair is one of the best things I've ever done.

Lots has changed over the past two years for me. I've moved house, I've lost over 20 stone (about 30 pounds for the non-english among us), and my professiona life has improved incredibly. My own outlook and values have also changed, I feel my locks have played more than a small part in this. I have higher self-esteem, I feel better about the way I live my life and I think I have finally rediscovered my identity. That identity is inexorably linked with my hair, as it has helped my let go of many of the attitudes I had clung to for a long time. I am now able to embrace my femininity in a way I was previously afraid of, and I no longer tie up so much of my self-esteem in my gender and sexual ambiguity. I think it's fairly safe to say that my dreads have played a major part in changing my life.

So, on to an incredibly long time line!

I think these are in the right order, I'm not sure about the exact dates on some of them either.

Sideshow Bob! Sometimes I'd love to have it like that again for a day or two, just for fun.

I reckon this one must be February/March '05. They'd calmed down lots but the ends and the roots were ridiculously loose.

In the summer of '05 I sewed up all the ends, I ended up picking most of them apart again but they looked quite good while they lasted. Plus, how fat was my face ?!

January '06, just over a year old. I felt like they were really starting to come together here.

March '06. In my pyjamas with a hangover.

July '06. At Moor music festival, one of the coolest events I have ever intended.

September '06, on holiday in Tenerife. My hair doesn't love hot weather, or chlorine in pools. However, I swam in the Atlantic, which instantly made all my dreads tighten, and made them all go bumpy and nobbly. Cool.

October, I think. With my beardy partner. His beard's much longer now, it's fabulously ridiculous!


This is Fred, my lumpiest dread, with one of the beads chris got me for my birthday.

That's it, two years of fabulous hair!


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