Truthbetold (truthbetold) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Fimo Beads and Peyote Stitches

so i was wondering if anyone might be in the market for either fimo beads or peyote stitches.  ive never sold anything online before and im not really doing it for the money, so it would probably be an informal type deal.  like, i send you the bead and you give me a donation that you think reflects how much the bead is worth to you.  peyote stitches take a lot more time to make than fimo beads, so i might start with fimo beads and see what kind of response i get.  here are some past beads and stitches i have made (some are still up for grabs, some are now a part of my own dreads):

most of these are about a pencils width in diameter (on the inside), but obviously if i was taking requests i could make them any size that was needed.  i figure if i ship them in a regular letter envelope (which i know i could do for the stitches) it will take me about $1 to recover the cost of materials and shipping (US only im afraid) for a single bead/stitch.  additionally, it takes about 30 minutes to make a fimo bead and 5+ hours to make a stitch (depending on size).

so, would you be interested in beads or stitches made by yours truly?  if so, do you have any particular requests?  and finally, how much would you consider to be just compensation for my efforts (if its a donation only/honor system, it will be you, not i, setting the price)?

i will hammer out specific details with each individual at a later date.  for now, i just want to get a since of a) what people are most interested in and b) if i want to take requests or just offer up beads and stitches that ive already made but decided i probably wont use myself.

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