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one week today!

i gave them their first bath today (after this picture was taken) in lavender dr. bronners (my staple & standard for everything) so i smell bee-you-tee-ful. i was getting red itchy spots on my scalp from my hair getting yanked around by the new dreadlets. ouch. i feel better. mucho better.

since i started my dreads normally, then added extentions and dreaded those in, i'm always worried about something bad happening to them. they're thinner at the bottom because of the way the extentions were made and it just bothers the piss out of me. so much hair in the back of my head has come loose and i'm afraid i'm going to have to add more in those big spots, and it's just going to become a vicious cycle. sigh.

tonight i'm going to start looping some of the bigger loose pieces through using the crochet method in the memories. my bff, who has taken care of dreads before, is going to roll until her hands go numb. we have the first season of aqua teen hunger force and a box of cookies. we can do this. ^__^

thank you all for your kind words & help!

<3 meredith
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