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i love our community here. the rampant rad pics of dreadz all over the world, the rad advice, the random good natured slappings of lishd throwing down immeasurable knowledge [of what's in the memories most of the time], our dread naturalists and pretty much we're a rad group. i don't do the camera thing much but here's some pics that have surfaced....

out hiking in eastern washington state

taking down some work friends @ gokarting

rock the helmet sock!

caught at magnetic in seattle a few weeks ago

i love dreads. they're an awesomely fun comittment. I'll have great weeks where they're perfect, there will be others where the loose hair demon is running amuck on my scalp like it's a knotty rainforest playground, but they're a blast. my dreads have more character than i'd ever have imagined possible they make any hairstyle 10x more fun to have. I've always had the thought that if i was going to get rid of them, i'd do a dread-hawk first but, seriously, i can't imagine getting rid of them. they're too rad.
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