ms_mama_n (ms_mama_n) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Was once a member, then came back

So maybe im considered a newbie again.
(i removed dreads due to ex-bf, want dreads back)
Anyway ....

This has been my place when i first got my dreads and you fine folks we're so helpful with my ever so annoying questions.

Well here I am with another one.

I remember starting out my dreads and a few of them continued to unravel.
Now ...
1: i washed with regular "poo"
2: I didnt pre dye my hair like I wanted
3: I wasnt really thinking...I just wanted.

NOT THIS TIME *raises finger*

I was thinking .... i want to dye my hair since im due for one, and noticed in the memories its good not to use the conditioner after.....done and done
But...some hair dyes have conditioners in their dye.
Which brand is the most drying?
also, if I cant get ahold of pre-dye....what would be an inexpemsive poo to pre dread?

(note i could not find my answers in the memories. or i want looking hard enough.)

Merry Christmas kats and kittens

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