lellophant (lellophant) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

age: four months on jan 6th.

i felt the need to fiddle with my camera, so in celebration i shall give you a tour of my head and introduce some dreads.

he used to be the same length as all my other dreads.
(image heavy)

but that was just a preview. as a preliminary here are some boring shots:

that side of my head always has a funky shape to it.

this is also a dread that is shrinking to a fraction of its original size. it has a weird texture due to the rip and twist method that was used to make it, and becase it was one of the first dreads i tried crocheting.

at birth, this was one of the first dreads i felt. i wasn't sure if it was supposed to be one dread, or two(it's on the back of my head), so i asked the person who made him to check. she tried ripping him apart but it didn't work, so this dread has legs.

these are two tiny and frail dreads who are finding strength in eachother. i swear they're combining, even though it doesn't look like it in this picture. it's moreso at the roots, but the knotty combination-ness is working its way up.

meet new susan. original susan was my "good dread" on my last set, i had to rip the little guy out because it refused to brush out; even withstanding the showerhead and soaks in conditioner. new susan usually likes to hang out in my unknotted frong pieces of hair, so be grateful for this cameo. i think this is the only dread i didn't bother to palm roll/crochet yet. it hasn't needed it, strong little bugger.

this little sucker worried me in the first month or two. he felt like mush, not really a formed tube of knots; just this matted floppy piece of hair. he's much better now, and pretty strong. the two dreads in the blue elastic are the thin frail ones i showed you above.

these two are in an awkward part of my head, so the picture is pretty crappy. anyway, these were two dreads that also worried me until recently. they're combined at the roots only, and i don't imagine they'll not together any farther along the two dreads.

despite that little gap, the two i'm holding on to are pretty much combined. they grow together a little more each time my hair is washed.

meet the side of my head that houses flat dreads. they've been successful in eating most of the hair i left undreaded.

among all that loose hair is the infamous dread that is folding in half(of course, it's the one i'm holding). normally the end of the dread points toward my scalp. he's a quirky lil fella.

in other news, i'm covered in hives and am kind of a leper. but i think i'll spare all you lovely ladies and gents of that sight. second, i have matching tiger's eye jewelry for my medusa piercing:

please excuse the silly face.
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