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hello. i've been a member for quite some time and don't remember if i've ever posted...

i read the memories a lot and such and just wanted to say that they have helped me a lot over the past! my locks are about 7 months or so and i love them!

speaking of the memories i was reading about having "normal hair dreams" and i just wanted to say i have them all the time!!! its so crazy. sometimes in the dream i'll take a shower and their all washed out or i just start the dream off with normal hair. the weird thing is, is that in every dream i have the same awful haircut (i had this haircut when i was in like first grade or so) its this nasty reaaaaaally short bob type thing that's kinda shaved in the back-underside. and not that i'd need reassurance that i want to keep them or anything, but i almost percieve those dreams like, "this is what my hair would look like if i cut them off or didnt have dreads". it's very silly.

but anyways i thought i'd share that with you guys.

hopefully i'll keep in touch more often now that i have internet access at my home and work!

love ya!!!
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