Твоя тень (miriena) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Твоя тень

Well, this weather sucks

'llo, everyone, I have a curiousity question.

Has super-humid weather (rain, especially, and excessive rain in particular!) ever caused something like mold in anyone's dreads?

I live in a very rainy place, and have to be outsie a lot, walking here and there, my jacket is almost perpetually wet. So, my dreads have been feeling damp for quite a while, they dry up during the night (it seems, who knows if they are actually dry way on the inside), but then I wake up and go outside, and get bombarded by raindrops. Has anyone from a similar environment had any problems with their locks? I'm so paranoid! :-)

Oh, and, I've never owned an umbrella, and don't intend to because, frankly, they are useless around here, the rain is usually accompanied by wind, and I always see people with their umbrellas turned inside out, flying around like Mary Poppins.
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