--BABY C (darkerdarker_) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

new member!

hi, i'm a new member to this community.
my name is christina and i live in korea
i've been reading the memories and old entries for 2 months now
and decided to give it a shot   (:

these are less than a week old.

i used the backcombing method on the second of january
this is actually my second set, though my first set last less than a full week
i let some girls tell me that beeswax was really good for my hair and they pretty much emptied the tub on my head   ):

anyway, i've been palmrolling and i picked up some sea salt today.  i also ordered 2 bottles of dr bronner's (lavender and peppermint!)
so hopefully those will help!

from what you can see in the pictures, is there anything else i can do to help my hair? 
are the wire coils i put in restricting the dreadlock from tightening?

thanks      (:


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