Caroline Tigeress (nwzw) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Caroline Tigeress

Six week dread anniversary!

Six week update:

Note that there's a *lot* of straggling hair there. I always
thought my hair grew slowly, but this is kind of nutty. It's like,
'um, chickita, you were always meant to wear dreads, therefore we must
produce more hair for you to have longer dreads'. Surreal.
I actually don't think the dreads themselves have grown much at all, but
the loopies are calling me a liar.

A bit of a close up. Note the dread at the 2 o'clock position
has unknown white matter in it, I'm suspecting lint, but when I attempt
to search for same in my locks, it's not able to be found, so maybe it's
just a fleck of dandruff or something that just had to show up in the photograph
to embarass the shit out of me.

I wash them about every other day, mostly by soaking in the tub.
When I use soap (rarely), it's Dr. Braunners Lavendar Bar, and obviously
no conditioner (duh). You'll note the lock in the 2 o'clock position
is much rounder than the one at the 2.30 position, the reason for this
is I had been doing some experiments with beads and using them to tame
loopies. Obviously the experiment was a success - beads for me are
an easy way of dealing with loopies, and as I make my own beads I can custom
size as necessary.

I am vasilating about sewing the tips in. It will shorten my hair
considerably, and while I have until May to make the decision, I certainly
would like some commentary reguarding the matter. I may do up one
side in beads and leave the other hang and conduct and informal poll or
some such madness. I have yet to brackcomb anyone, but have become
interested in learning to do so, so if you know of anyone who's willing
to teach it to me (or a good youtube or similar video) that would be appreciated,
or if you're willing to be a test subject, you can email me directly: carolineATcarolineatigeressDOTcom

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