Твоя тень (miriena) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Твоя тень

2 months

Most of my dreads will soon turn 2 months, but some are about 5 months old. I feel guilty for not taking pictures, but I'm just so bad at it! But nonetheless, herein I enclose some rather craptacular shots.

My dreads are, as expected, pretty messy at the moment, but not too bad, they look better in real life, I swear! :-) The younger ones are actually about the same tightness (IF not tighter even!) as the older ones, the latter I did on my own and got off to a loose start. So, yes. They are doing pretty well, I think, at any rate, I'm proud of them! Just wish they were longer, at least a couple inches longer, currently the shortest ones are the ones in the back, and they are about 2 inches long. Can't even put them up in pigtails, really... :-( And overall, their length is very uneven, which is my punishment for screwing up my previous set of dreads and having to cut them off like that.

Today I bought some toe rings at Claire's and put them over some of the thicker dreadlocks. 2-month birthday present, of sorts. Plus, I'm really sick, so doing something to my hair made me feel better. Anyway, some pictures...

Dreadlocks are so short :-( (and the circles on my tattoo are actually round, I promise!)

The back of my head is looking kind of messy.

Take care, everyone!
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