meep (drunkbytwelve) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

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ahh hi, ive been watching this community for awhile, and i finally decided to make a post, haha

i have 9 dreads, 6 are natural and the other three are "hot, tropical dreads" (haha) that my friend gave me..

this is irv, hes my favorite because hes closest to my face and he likes to hide

yul, junior and derice (they were all named after people from 'cool runnings')

the boys, again

sanka caffie... more and more of my hair is being dedicated to him eachday..

this is the back of my head...

and this is meeee

im thinking im going to leave a lot of my hair loose, but do most of it in dreads..
yay, nay?
tell meee!!

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