k. (sin_aesthetic) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Looping Dreads Through The Roots

I did this when my dreads started, unfortunately.
My scalp was bugging me so much and looping them through felt so good and made them nice and tight.
I recently "took out" all of the loops, but in one or two of my dreads I have gaping holes at the roots or have formed two "mini dreads" that come together into one. They kinda look like a Y that's attached to my head, if that makes it easier to understand.
Recently, I sewed these mini-dreads together with thread.
Will this help?
Was I right to do this (sew them together, I mean, not loop them through)?
Has anyone else had similar experiences?

(I don't think I saw anything about this particular aspect of looping in the memories... if there was and I'm just being blind, then yell at me ;))
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