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First of all let me say I've read the memories. I've read quite a bit of conflicting info elsewhere on the inter-shizzle, so I just have to ask another stupid question before I go ahead and make my dreads. (This weekend!)

Sectioning for small dreads. In the memories here it says that 61+ is ridiculous which is what I want. I'd like them to turn out about the thickness of a bic pen or just a lil larger. I saw one section where lishd made "77 pencil thin dreads". It looked like the sections had a pencil's thickness of hair but the dreads themselves didn't turn out that thickness. They were thicker. So will they shrink down to that size?

At other websites like dreadhead and knotty boy they say to make the sections 1/2 to 1". Well if I make the sections 1/2" I'll have way more than 60 dreads. Also this is not much hair. I've got very straight hair but I never considered it particularly thin. If I make a section in my hair of 1/2" I get about a matchstick size of thickness in the section. OK... that can't be right. Should I determine the size of the matured dread as roughly the amount of hair in the section that gets backcombed? I've read that dreads shrink as they mature, but I've also read that they get thicker. Which is it?

Another consideration is that some of my hair is quite long by comparison to the rest. Should I make the sections for the very long parts (16" to 31") larger to take the strain of all the weight of the length of hair? Thanks in advance for your responses. I promise not to bother you all again until I post frizzy pics of the new dreads. ;)
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