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Hello everyone! Ehhh, small question.

My friend Meredith has THICK hair, really reallly REALLLLY thick, and it's long- about to her mid-back. She's going to Ireland for 3 weeks this summer and is worried about her hair. She'll have limited access to bathtubs :) She asked me if she should dread it for the trip, so that she wouldn't have to worry about not washing it for a month. But, she'd probably want to take the dreads out once she got back home. I told her dreads are more of a permanent thing- though they can be taken out, but I think that'd be a LOT of work just to take them out again. So, my question is: what's a good thing to do with her hair if she won't be able to wash it really often for a month? Should we put in sort of loose dreads only to take them out again later? (I personally don't even really think of that as an option, though, really, because there's no telling how much they'll tighten up over those weeks, etc) Thanks a ton :)

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